Decentralized Financial System

An open-source, fully decentralized blockchain software protocol with smart contracts aimed at the creation of high-performance applications. Unique new consensus algorithm - PoA (Proof of Agreement) based on BFT conception, new data transmission protocol and many more. Best for microtransactions, mass financial payments, tokens issuing and storing data on blockchain.

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Since it was first introduced, blockchain technology has brought many changes in various industries, for example in the financial business. Blockchain can overcome various kinds of problems that exist in this industry and make it more modern, transparent and efficient to use.

Blockchain is like “technology” that is able to revolutionize the industries that exist today. It can improve health services, the efficiency of banking transactions, smarter supply chains, and much more. Therefore many companies have implemented this technology on their platforms and the results are quite satisfying.

Credits: Decentralized Financial System

Blockchain can be implemented in any industry, especially in the financial and e-commerce industries. With the presence of the blockchain, users find it very helpful and very enthusiastic about implementing this technology on their platforms.

Credits is one of many platforms that implement blockchain technology and develop it. This is a platform that provides a decentralized financial system with the principle of peer-to-peer (P2P) and distributed ledger features, self-executing smart contracts, and cryptocurrency, which will help people.

Credits is like a platform that will unite people and enable them to create, offer or use financial services. This is a conceptual model of “participant networks” that will develop a blockchain-based financial service, which will have a significant impact on the development of modern decentralized financial services.

Infrastructure And Components of Credits

Credits can be used by anyone to develop financial services according to their needs. To accommodate this, Credits provides an extensive list of custom-made blockchain-based products aimed at making interactions with the platform easy and secure. It is hoped that users will be able to comfortably and safely use the Credits platform.

  • Network Node
    Run the node, participate in consensus, maintain the network and get rewards
  • Desktop Wallets
    Conduct transactions, deploy and execute smart contracts
  • Web and Mobile
    Execute transactions, store and issue digital assets
  • services
    Additional tools crucial for dApps and infrastructure development

Platform Features

Credits is a platform with unique characters, which can be adopted in various industries. Thus Credits are not limited to the financial industry, but industries such as cargo or health can also adopt Credits.

This is a technical feature that can be obtained when adopting Credits technology;

  • Lightning-fast transaction processing time
    From 0.1 seconds to confirm a transaction. Up to 5 blocks are generated per second.
  • High decentralization level
    Anyone is able to run a node and maintain the network. Equitable rewards distribution.
  • Advanced level of security
    Highest security based on Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm
  • Nearly free cost. Inexpensive fees.
    From 0.00014 CS (around 0.00001 $) fees per transaction
  • High network capacity
    The platform can process up to 1 million transactions per second.

In Conclusion

Many experts predict that in the future, blockchain will massively be used in industries in this world. Credits are platforms that make blockchain penetration into daily life possible, enabling people to form financial services: money transfers, currency, and value exchanges, crediting, funding and other services directly between participants, more easily, safely and efficiently. Thus everyone can have the opportunity to get cheaper, faster and better services.

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S1 Pre-Alpha

FA : Key Design Implementation Decentralization Ledger, NoSQL Store implementation Design and Implementation Formal Specification and Key Design Elements User interface Implementation Wallet Formal specification RPC & REST API Formal specification


S2 Alpha

mFA : Key Design Implementation, PoW + PoC MessagePack History Integration with ecosystem Third-party system Design and Implementation Reasoner Integration with Blockchain Web UX design Blockchain Explorer


S3 Beta

mFA Optimization Blockchain backup CVM (Credits virtual machine) Optimisation Third-party system Integrate to full system Reasoner Optimization UX design Application Test


S4 Release candidate

CVM (Credits virtual machine) Check errors Android, iOS, Desktop Wallets Third-party explorer


S5 Release

Storage,Consensus mFA Consensus Optimisation Third-party system Optimisation

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