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Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry.

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Information and news is something we need today. By updating the information, we can know many things that are happening in the community or globally. Especially for investors and traders, information and news can be worth thousands even millions of dollars. They need to know the information and news that is happening globally because it can affect the market movement in the future. If they are late updating their information, then they could have a profit or a loss.

Today it is not difficult to get information and news. People can easily access information or news from their devices without needing to buy or subscribe to a newspaper. Even for investors and traders, it is not difficult nowadays to get information and news to suit them. Many media portals collect and sort information and news from various sources and display them to their readers. With this the readers, especially investors and traders can predict the market or in other words forecasting.

The Financial Times or Wall Street Journal is one of the references for investors and traders to predict the future market. With this, readers can find out what information or news is happening in different countries.

But nowadays not only Forex and stock markets that require a media portal, but the cryptocurrency market also requires a trustworthy and credible media portal. We already know that many media portals are providing information and news content to the cryptocurrency market, but investors and cryptocurrency traders need a media portal that is more than just providing information and news. They need a media portal that can meet their needs with the cryptocurrency market, e.g. IEO/ICO listings, market analysis, forums, etc. in one place.

Cryptoknowmics – Decentralized Media Platform

Many media portals provide information and news related to the cryptocurrency market, but searching for credible and trustworthy media portals is not easy. Most of the investors and traders choose to bookmark the website or subscribe to channel forecasting which is quite a lot.

This is, of course, troublesome and it’s not easy for readers to choose which sources they can trust.

Cryptoknowmics is a decentralized and innovative platform that focuses on providing services that almost serve all aspects of the cryptocurrency market. The features provided by Cryptoknowmics are; Crypto news and updates, Crypto news aggregation, Crypto index, Market & Price analysis, Crypto blog, Listing and rating of ICOs, STOs, and IEOs, Listing of tokens and coins, DApp listings & Review, Crypto gaming platform, Crypto Exchange & wallet Listing, Crypto Discussion forum, Crypto event listings. All of these features are wrapped up in an interactive and innovative platform.

Unlike other similar platforms, Cryptoknowmics provides incentives to users who have participated in the platform. Incentives will be given to users who produce quality content for ATA sharing across multiple platforms. It helps to grow interested in users and brand awareness.

Cryptoknowmics aims to be the largest media portal that covers almost all aspects, similar to the Wall Street Journal but this is for the cryptocurrency market and all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry.

Why Cryptoknowmics?

There may be some platforms that are almost similar to Cryptoknowmics, which are quite popular among crypto-enthusiast, but there is a reason why crypto-enthusiast chooses to use Cryptoknowmics. Here is the reason;

  • Accurate and reliable information.

The information published by Cryptoknowmics is information that has been reviewed by professional staff.

  • Stay up to date with the cryptocurrency market

Cryptoknowmics collects information from over 3000 sources and places it in one place.

  • User-Friendly

Cryptoknowmics keeps the service user-friendly, by allowing users to provide feedback, publish posts, open discussions, etc.

  • Incentivization

Users will be given incentives related to their participation, it includes reading news, publishes posts, etc.

  • AI

Artificial Intelligence for audience targeting which helps advertisers and contributors. And AI detection to eliminate fake news.

In Conclusion

Nowadays many media portals are focused on the cryptocurrency market but none provide features like Cryptoknowmics. Cryptoknowmics provides features that cover almost all aspects of the cryptocurrency market, this is what the user wants, because they no longer need to bookmark or subscribe to many channels, and moreover, they will be given Incentives related to their participation – very practical and innovative.

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Chatterjee Ph.D.
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.

Krishnendu is an entrepreneurial oriented Ph.D. who is currently focusing on driving the early adoption of blockchain solutions for DTCO, Taiwan in healthcare, academic and pharmaceutical sector.

Sales & Business Development | Blockchain | CRYPTO | ICO | Healthcare

Naveen Kapoor
Naveen Kapoor

Solution-driven IT Business Analyst and Project Manager with twelve years of experience in leading cross-functional teams in development, documentation and delivery of process innovations driving the attainment of business goals.

Business Analyst | Project Manager | Scrum Master | Blockchain Expert

Joylin Telagen
Joylin Telagen

A licensed Accountant & Securities Representative with 10 years combined experience in Audit, Tax, Accounting and Equity Research.

ICO IEO STO Advisor l CMO l Representative Faster Capital l Ambassador l ICOBench Expert l Community Building I Trader

Richard Trummer
Richard Trummer

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, ICO Advisor and Investor. Part of an Investors group. Cryptocurrency trading and mining.

Strategy & Investor Relations

Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan, Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5-year experience in the crypto world.

Blockchain Dev | Advisor | Developer | Stellar Blockchain Expert

Rubab Arshad
Rubab Arshad

A Crypto Adviser enthusiast looking to bring significant contributions to the crypto community by partnering with top-line investors.

Marketing Advisor at Exclusive Platform

Ajay Agarwal
Ajay Agarwal

He has a bachelor degree in commerce and 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur.


Anuj Mittal
Anuj Mittal

360 degree experience in design, development, cloud, cyber security, process automation & integration with Currentfocus on network security and application security.

Chief Advisor

Prasenjeet Kashyap
Prasenjeet Kashyap

Presently i am Working into Overseas Business Development, involving in Sales & Marketing, Consulting Startup, working as business Advisor, help to setup community and helping to organize roadshows, meetups and speaking in Blockchain conference and summit.

Business Development

Raghav Agarwal
Raghav Agarwal

He has a bachelor degree in business administration and is also an Oxford certified blockchain strategist.

Oxford Certified Blockchain Strategist

Akhil Agarwal
Akhil Agarwal

He has a bachelor degree in mass media and has been endowed with great public relation skills.

Community Building

Komfie Manalo
Komfie Manalo

Experienced Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry.


Prahlad Singh
Prahlad Singh

I've always had a passion for art and design. Starting my career as a freelancer sketching artist, i quickly realized that the digital world was the way of the future.


Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh

Cryptoknowmics team possesses the necessary skills and competencies in different areas including entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, UI/UX, and community building providing the right mix of talents to achieve its mission.

Lead Developer

Nisid Singh
Nisid Singh

I propelled into my professional career after my schooling with the aim to explore the underlying opportunities, to conquer and achieve my dreams.

Legal And Compliance

Joseph Browne
Joseph Browne

Founder of bitmoderate marketing and community management firm, token sale advisor and community manager, worked for several projects.

Community Manager



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Q1 2019

Jan - Mar

Cryptoknowmics beta portal

Q2 2019

Apr - June

CKM mobile app - Android & Apple, Airdrop Platform

Q3 2019

Jul - Sept

IEO token sale, Crypto Games through CKM, Forum

Q4 2019

Oct - Dec

Blockchain based token distribution for authors and end users, Start organizing crypto events and conferences, ICO / STO launchpad, Arbitrage- 200+ exchange \ 10000+ Trading pairs

Q1 2020

Jan - Mar

AI based fake news detection, AI based customized API's for end users and enterprises

Q2 2020

Apr - Jun

AI based Advertising platform

Q3 2020

Jul - Sept

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