Decentralization in the Movie Industry, Guarantees Freedom of the Art

Filmgrid is a peer-to-peer solution for commerce, streaming and financing of independent films and series over the Internet.

Filmgrid's core ideal is to disrupt the movie industry in favor of the moviemaker, not the suit. Of rebel heart, its principles are the base for its business model design, decentralizing as many aspects of the movie industry as possible. The adoption of Blockchain technology will allow us to build an unstoppable application, that shares Filmgrid beliefs.

Filmgrid does not depend on a third party for production nor release decisions, it depends only and always on the users, placing the trust in the Blockchain; leaving intermediaries interests out of the equation.

And even though there are rules, no one controls it.

Token : FILM

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

Soft Cap : 120,000 ETH (Public Dynamic Sale)

Hardcap :

Token Price : - 10,000 FILM = 1 ETH (Private Presale) - 7,000 FILM = 1 ETH (Public Presale) - 3,000 FILM = 1 ETH (Public Static Sale)

Minimum Purchase : - Private Sale: 1.0 ETH - Public Presale: 0.1 ETH - Public Sales: 0.01 ETH

Acc Currencies : ETH

Pre-ICO : May 2019

ICO : August 1st 2019

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What is Filmgrid?

Filmgrid is a peer-to-peer platform for commerce, streaming and financing of independent films and series over the Internet. Of decentralized nature, removes all movie theaters and film distribution companies as intermediaries, allowing a fair distribution of profits among the film’s creators, which at the same time allows for a reduction to the cost of the offer to the public.

The platform is divided into two main segments: the “Billboard”, a billboard showing the films registered in Filmgrid for sale; and the “Pitchboard”, where film ideas and on-going film projects can seek financing.

Each film or film project registered will have its individual page where all the relevant information can be found; this space can be used by the Creative Team to convince and sell their product to Users.

Blockchain Technology

Developing the project Filmgrid using blockchain technology is the logical move to make, the decentralized nature of this new technology is a perfect fit for the principles/tenets behind Filmgrid. Furthermore, it can solve problems that traditional centralized technology cannot, particularly issues of censorship, intermediaries interference or trade transparency for example.

Perhaps its greatest attribute is the level of trust that it allows to generate between users. This trust is the base for the proposed business model.


Remember we mention Filmgrid wanted to disrupt the industry? We meant everything about it. We come up with an innovative business model, cutting out intermediaries, aiming for the moviemaker to be the one who make the most profit.

Now, before any greedy thoughts, let’s consider that this brings the opportunity to dramatically lower down the cost for the viewer, increasing volume sales.

In our proposed business model, we have three income sources within the same platform: Premiere sale, Screening sale and Home Cinema sale.

In either case, Creative Users members of the Creative Team begin to receive income from the first sale. The decentralized application and the smart contracts will take care of all the automated operations and income distribution, respecting the configuration from the team registration.

We have now the opportunity to offer the users, international movies at an accessible price for almost anyone; and at the same time, a fair alternative to movie makers. The suggested prices for each sale option are:

Premiere = 2.85 usd | Screening = 1.9 usd | Home Cinema Ticket = .56 usd

With these prices and using the types of income of the typical scenario, we can run our hypothetical case, for the same movie, using Filmgrid.


Even though the total income was dramatically less than in a typical scenario, the revenue received by the Creative Market was bigger.

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Naviin Kapoor

Founder of The Times of Crypto, Joboshi, and a top three blockchain ICO Consultant/Advisor in ICOBench and have extensive knowledge of ICO marketing, PR, and subject matter knowledge of blockchain and ICO. He has experience in participating in more than 40 ICOs.

ICO Advisor

Gina Cruz Lozano

Gina is a Certified Compliance Officer by the CNBV in México, expert in matter of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism. With a keen eye to analize the available body of facts, nothing gets by her. She has 7+ years of experience in money transfer.

Regulatory Compliance Advisor

Oscar Moreno Olvera

Oscar is data/storage specialist with a lot of experience in data centers, server infrastructure and cloud services. He has ventured into crypto mining, finding in blockchain a new passion along the way.

Technology Advisor

Andrés Ávila Torres

Andrés is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and holds the Linux Foundation X, Blockchain for Business Professional Certification. He has 7+ years of experience in Fintech business development, with a very strong knowledge in Regulatory Compliance.

Director / Founder

Osvaldo Núñez Melgoza

Osvaldo is a true believer of science, numbers are his passion, and passion is his way. He is a person of deeply rooted ideology and practical experience, makes the project stronger and keeps us on track for Freedom of the Art.

Operations Manager / Writer

Edith Valle

She is an independent filmmaker with a broad and international experience in all types of movies, from short, to long films; she holds a Masters Degree in Cinematography Direction from Escuela TAI in Madrid, Spain.

Operations Coordinator / Filmmaker

Stefanie Zöhrer

With a Degree in Visual Arts and an Illustration Diploma from The New School of Design of Parsons, Stefie ads to the project a lot of knowledge when it come to talent management, professional equipment and production processes.

Creative Manager / Illustrator

Hugo Arriaga Tapia

Creative Scout / Filmmaker

Alex Salais

Alex holds a Bachelor of Law in Marketing Management from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and is a certified Adwords expert. He saw the project as an opportunity to fully advocate decentralization as an ideology.

Digital Marketing / Musician

Lorena Meza Zamora

Customer Care Coordinator / Make Up Artist

Omar Bermudez de la Cruz

Customer Care Supervisor / Photographer



*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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