Peer-to-Peer Lending on the New level

FinWhaleX is a P2P crypto-fiat lending platform that provides access to loans anywhere and anytime.

Token : FWX

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

IEO : FWX will be sold on June 15, 2019 at BitForex

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The lending system was first discovered in Ancient Greece and Rome 3000 years ago. At that time people use the lending system to get funds with collateral to reduce risk. At that time this system was not so popular but in the 1800s this system began to be popular along with the development of the global industry.

The lending system in modern times still implements traditional systems like in ancient times, full of complicated regulations. Even though in modern times like today, people want everything to be done quickly and easily.

Therefore the P2P lending platform was developed to meet the financial needs of users. Unlike traditional lending platforms that are mostly linked to banks, P2P lending platforms are not related to banks and have more flexible regulations for users.

This is the reason why P2P lending platforms are now increasingly popular among investors and businesses because they do not need to deal with the complicated bureaucracy to get funding, just by a few files they can get a loan.

FinWhaleX: P2P crypto-fiat lending platform

FinWhaleX is a P2P crypto-fiat lending platform that allows users to get loans anytime and anywhere. Users can use their mobile or desktop to get a loan, without having to go through a complicated bureaucratic process.

By using FinWhaleX users can get the following things;

  • Borrowers can get loans even if they have a bad credit record.
  • The interest rate offered by FinWhaleX is lower than any financial institution.
  • Can get a loan without going through an unnecessary bureaucratic process.
  • For investors, FinWhaleX offers higher interest rates than bank deposits.
  • The risk of losing money is very small due to collateral.
  • Investors can choose who they want to lend their assets to.
  • Especially for token holders, they can get stable profit regardless of political and economic conditions.
  • can resell their tokens at a higher price in the future.
  • Can participate in peer-to-peer lending markets that are worth 460 billion USD by 2022.

All these benefits can be obtained by users if they use the FinWhaleX service.

FinWhaleX is not a newly established platform or platform that will be launched soon, but FinWhaleX is a mature platform both in terms of service and infrastructure.

Since its founding, FinWhaleX already has more than 14,000 users spread across many countries. They consist of investors, borrowers, and token holders.

So you don’t need to doubt the professionalism of FinWhaleX.

FinWhaleX: changes the conditions of the financial market

  • Liquidity provider: Simplified cryptocurrency trading process and made it more profitable for each side of the process.
  • Virtual cards: Digital assets are connected to virtual cards in the application, they can be calculated in 40+ million terminals around the world.
  • Mobile app: Work with the platform is carried out via a smartphone without the need to issue paper requests.
  • FinWhaleX works around the world: The platform is not limited to one region, it is available for use in different countries.
  • Justification: Registered in Singapore, obey laws and monitor compliance with international standards to prevent illegal activities.
  • Ease of use: Currency conversion is performed within the platform, enabling borrowers and lenders to use their preferred currency.

In Conclusion

Maybe there are many P2P lending platforms currently operating on the market, but are there anything like FinWhaleX? which offers flexibility to its users? and the most important is the user cryptocurrency? only a few P2P lending platforms that pay attention to their users, especially cryptocurrency-users.

FinWhaleX will bring a lending platform to a higher level, where investors, borrowers and token holders can share in creating powerful lending systems that benefit everyone.

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 Vladimir Egorov
Vladimir Egorov

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 Artur Vartanyan
Artur Vartanyan

Co-founder COO

 Aldar Sandanov
Aldar Sandanov

Co-founder COO

 Glen Liu
Glen Liu

Business development (SEA)

 Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov

Business developer

 Anastasia Leina
Anastasia Leina

Head of PR/IR

 Kirill Kvan
Kirill Kvan

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 Mikhail Vinertsev
Mikhail Vinertsev

Full-stack developer

 Alexey Pronin
Alexey Pronin

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*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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FinWhaleX Token Sales

FinWhaleX tokens will be sold at the following sites:

BitForex: 300+ trading pairs, more premiere tokens coming up 1,600,000 orders per second $2bln. 24 volume



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The emergence of ideas about the service of p2p lending based on blockchain technology, smart contracts


Market and competitive analysis


Development of the concept, architecture of the FinWhaleX platform


implementation of the prototype platform


Private round of financing, demonstration of the concept and prototype platform. Hiring a development team to implement the product.


Presentation of the platform at the conference Russian Tech Week-2019. Start of development of the platform: - smart contracts / crypto-wallets, - web interface / backend, - mobile application


Launch of the beta version of the platform


Launch of the platform with the functionality of issuing loans secured by BTC and ETH, verification of user documents, referral system.


Launch of Liquidity Provider functionality to provide liquidity for cryptocurrency exchange traders. FinWhaleX IEO


The first release of the mobile application for the platform Android / iOS


Obtaining financial licenses for working with fiat currencies. Starting FWX Scoring technology


Adding a new type of collateral to the platform - Ethereum ERC-20 tokens


Adding a new type of collateral to the platform - EOS tokens


Adding a new type of collateral to the platform - Tron TRC-20 tokens


Listing token FWX on 5 cryptobers


Adding a new type of collateral to the platform - digital assets of the Steam Market (TF2, Dota 2, CS: GO)


Starting the platform with pawnshops. Mobile application release with support for new type of collateral


Starting the platform with fiat currency. Release of a mobile application that supports work with pawnshops


Run the issuance of loans without collateral. Mobile application release with support for fiat currency


Release of a mobile application with support for issuing loans without collateral


Big Data based product launches

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