The Next Generation of Cloud Computing

HiveNet is a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, which connectscomputers all around the world to perform valuable computing tasks.

Can you imagine your computer earning money while you sleep?HiveNet turns your computer’s idle times into an income!During these times your computer’s power is securely rented out to paying customers who perform their calculations (e.g. scientific research, weather forecast, big data analysis).

Token : HNT

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

Supply : 1,000,000,000 HNT

Soft Cap : 3,400,000 USD

Hardcap : 19,000,000 USD

Token Price : 0.08 USD

Minimum Purchase : 10,000 USD

Bonus : up to 25 % depending on the time of purchase

Pre-Sale : 24.09.2019 - 05.11.2019

IEO : November, 2019

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In modern times like today, people are required to do everything quickly and efficiently. Therefore humans begin to develop technology to help them complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. With the help of computers, people can get a lot of work done quickly, without the need to think hard or waste a lot of energy. Everything is solved automatically and efficiently.

But some tasks require more resources to complete, for example, data analysis or weather forecasts, these tasks require more than one computer to complete. But it seems hard for companies to spend money to buy a lot of computers to complete a task, and therefore cloud computing is needed to complete these tasks.

By utilizing cloud computing, companies can save money on buying computers. They can use cloud computing services to complete their tasks. Cloud computing will provide a variety of computing services, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence – over the “cloud”. Users simply pay for what they use, there are no additional fees or others. In this way, cloud computing helps infrastructure operations be more efficient and reduce costs.

Cloud computing is proven to be able to provide speed, cost savings, productivity, performance, and security to individual users or companies.

HiveNet – Decentralized Cloud Computing

Mass adoption of cloud computing has brought many changes to the development of technology, information, and IoT. But even though cloud computing is popular, in reality this service is still quite expensive. for use by individual users or small scale companies.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Alibaba Cloud are examples of popular cloud computing services and their users have reached millions of people. Even though they are one of the big players in the industry and are professional, their services are quite expensive. This is because they invest a large amount of money to buy resources that support cloud computing and other costs.

HiveNet is a decentralized cloud computing platform that is different compared to cloud computing platforms in general. HiveNet is more focused on providing affordable and reliable services with the help of distributed computer networks that are spread throughout the world. These distributed computer networks are computer owners who register their computers to the HiveNet network and get profit from it.

Computer owners who can use their computer’s idle time to make money. HiveNet will send several tasks to these computers to complete and after completion, the computer owner can get HiveCoin (HiveNet cryptocurrency) which can be exchanged for fiat or stored as a long-term investment.

Advantage of using HiveNet

HiveNet offers a decentralized cloud computing service that utilizes distributed computer networks throughout the world without knowing the boundaries of regions or countries. With the solutions it offers, HiveNet has successfully touched a decentralized network where all participants will benefit. The following are the reasons why choosing HiveNet;

  1. Your computer will make money when you sleep.

HiveNet’s solution is to use the user’s computer available on the network to complete tasks. HiveNet will reward computer owners according to their contribution in the form of HiveCoin. Computer owners can choose whether they want to exchange it for fiat or save it as a long-term investment.

  1. Affordable cloud computing for customers.

HiveNet’s focus is on the next generation of cloud computing, which not only provides reliable cloud computing services. but also affordable. Thus users can enjoy cloud computing services more affordable and reliable. This is possible because HiveNet only uses computers that are available on the network, so HiveNet does not require additional costs such as electricity, internet, etc.

  1. HiveCoin is suitable as a long-term investment

Operations of HiveNet are fully supported by HiveCoin cryptocurrency. HiveCoin will be used as payment or other things on the platform. Because as is well known that the purpose of HiveNet is as a cloud computing platform available worldwide that requires secure, fast, and borderless payments – Cryptocurrency is the answer. With this, the demand for HiveCoin will continue and create a value for HiveCoin that provides short or long term opportunities for traders.

  1. Cloud computing platform that is friendly to the environment,

HiveNet only uses computers that are available on the network and use them to complete tasks according to user requests. Thus HiveNet does not need to buy a computer or use a large number of resources to operate.

Development of HiveNet

HiveNet was developed by professionals who already understand and understand the cloud computing business industry. The HiveNet team has considered how HiveNet can compete with big players in the industry and how in the future HiveNet can provide better and affordable cloud computing services for everyone.

The HiveNet team analyzes that at this time in the cloud computing industry requires an affordable and reliable service. HiveNet features a user experience and services that are affordable for customers, but at the same time, HiveNet also considers decent profits for individual computer providers.

For now, HiveNet has developed a prototype that can be used freely on Windows and macOS computers with features such as; providers are rewarded with test coins, tasks are decentrally computed on provider computers, etc.

In Conclusion

Mass adoption of cloud computing has brought many changes to the development of technology, information, and IoT. But unfortunately, the popular cloud computing services available on the market today are quite expensive for individual users or companies.

HiveNet is a platform that focuses on providing affordable cloud computing. HiveNet will utilize computers that are available on the network to complete the tasks requested by customers. With this distributed computer network, it allows private computer owners to register their computers to the HiveNet network and get profit from it. This solution allows HiveNet to operate without having to buy multiple computers or use large resources, which will reduce service costs. Thus HiveNet has succeeded in creating a cloud computing platform that is affordable and reliable by everyone throughout the world.

Token Sales

It is planned that HiveNet will hold a Pre-Sale program for HiveNet Tokens (HNT) with a base price of 0.08 USD. HiveNet will hold this program on the 24th September 2019 until November 2019. Early buyers will get a 25% bonus depending on the time of purchase. For a minimum purchase on Pre-Sale is 10,000 USD. If you are interested in what is offered by HiveNet please make an investment but make sure that the investment you make is really careful and if necessary please consult with your investment advisor.

More Information

Dr. Matthias Besch

Senior Advisor Business Area Lead at metafinanz (Allianz Group)

Senior Advisor

Sebastian Daschner

over 10 years of experience in software development, consulting and education

Senior Advisor

Dr. Maximilian Pinker

scientist, polymath, blockchain expert

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Andreas Bogner

cloud security and blockchain expert, software engineer, mathematician

Head of Technology

Qiao Pinker

finance and controlling expert

Head of Finance

Evelyn Gu

MBA and digital marketing expert

Senior Marketing Manager

Debasis Ratha

Senior Software Engineer

Manish Chibba

Senior Software Engineer

James Lee
James Lee

Software Engineer

Tatiana Tsutsor

Communication Specialist

Thomas Wunder

Communication Specialist

George Qiao

Multimedia Expert



*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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