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ISKRA is a cryptocurrency backed by diamond built using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Diamond prices are more stable than gold, making ISKRA a reliable cryptocurrency. And blockchain technology that is safe and cannot be manipulated makes ISKRA a safe and trustworthy investment instrument for everyone.

In addition to investment purposes, by buying ISKRA you also help create a financial base for charitable foundations in their humanitarian activities to help children throughout the world. So you will get two benefits at once. Investment and Charitable.

Token : ISKRA

Platform : Ethreum (ERC-20)

Token Price : 1 ISKRA = 0.004 ETH

Minimum Purchase : 0.2 ETH

Acc Currencies : ETH

Pre-Sale : Ends Agustus 5, 2019

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What is ISKRA?

ISKRA is a cryptocurrency backed by diamond and blockchain technology that is safe and reliable. ISKRA is an investment instrument that has various kinds of benefits to its owner, investment and charitable is its main focus.

By having ISKRA directly you have a cryptocurrency that will be stable because ISKRA is a cryptocurrency backed by diamond, as you know that the price of a diamond is more stable than the price of gold.

Besides that, ISKRA was built using blockchain technology that is safe and reliable, making ISKRA very difficult to manipulate.

Both of these make ISKRA a promising and reliable future investment instrument.

But what you need to remember is, when buying ISKRA you also help create a financial base for charitable foundations in their humanitarian activities to help children throughout the world.

So you will get these two benefits at once, Investment and Charitable.

How does it work ?


Voting System

Everyone who has ISKRA will get a chance at voting at Lucem fund’s. Token holders will be given the same rights for each voting, whether you reject or approve the project. More details you can read on Lucem fund’s official website.

Highlights of ISKRA

  • We want ISKRA not only to be securebut also profitable!
  • The price of diamonds is disaster resistantand is more stable than gold!
  • ISKRA gives you a unique opportunity to exchange it for diamonds at any time, based on the Rapaport Price List and GIA certification.
  • And that means that you will always have a pure price without middlemen: this will save you between 10 to 50% of the diamond’s cost.
  • Today, only large companies on stock exchanges have the opportunity to trade using the Rapaport Price List. These are stock brokers.
  • Today, these are our partners and the list of them will expand to include the whole world!
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Dimitry Odintsov

Since 2006 he is a CEO in theIT-support company "APC-computers"Since 2013 he has been engaged in consulting and integration of blockchain technologies in the Middle East.

Ideas generator

Michael Tulchinsky

Since 2005 specialist in IT outsourcing and technical solutions for large businesses.


Mikhail Grinfeld

Software Engineer with more thandecade experience of developing and designing complex systems.

Software Engineer Adviser

Georgy Laskov

Experienced Qualified Person (batch releases), Certified Quality Auditor and Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance. Skilled in Quality Assurance, Quality Auditing, cGMP, GDP, SOPs

Product Adviser

Julia Margulis

For 6 years, Julia has been taking a position of Head Accounts Management at big sales company.

Accountant Adviser

Anastasia Avdonchenkova

Over 10 years of experience working with large financial and investment holdings.Specializes in civil law, corporate law, securities markets and financial transactions.She is a member of the Internal control and finance committee at the board of directors.

Lawyer Adviser

Yulia Dvoryadkina

Professional translator of Chinese, English, Russian language, with experience working with an advertising agency and small business. And also teaches the Chinese language for more than 5 years.

Language Adviser

Mr. Dee

More than a decade of experience in cybersecurity.Code developer for a smart contract.Technical support of Lucem-Project.ISKRA bourse listing.


Pavel Jelnov

PhD graduate in Economics. Fields of interest are Political Economy, Economic Growth, Economic History, and Family Economics. Also interested in development and institutional aspects of growth.




*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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ISKRA Token Sales

PRE-SALE 50% DISCOUNT. Deal Expires: August 4, 2019.

Min. Recommendation:Gas Price (Gwei)* – 10 Gas Used* – 121000


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Smart-Contract new

Smart-Contract CCOH/ETH

Visa/Master Card platform


Voting platform+contract

Voting dapp test start

Industry wide adoption legal Q4-2019:

Beta-test Fund site First voting

Bounty+ Airdrops First children's project (or before)

Pre-Token (Pre-Token 2 only hardGoal before EndTime)

Bounty paid every 2 weeks




Voiting dapp

Voting platform+contract

Dev. beta-wallet

First audit of project

Connect to UNiCEF projects

Integrate WEB3 to fund's


First voting

First children's project (or before)

Beta-wallet test start

Ethereum node start

Beta-Test of * * * start (only for humans)

Dev. learning dapp

ISKRA Bounty Programs

Our Bounty Campaign starts June 4 and will go until July 29. The Bounty campaign allocation not fixed, there is no stakes, rewards in fixed amount of tokens, distribution every 2 weeks.

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