Digital Currency and Main Fiat for The MobaExchange

Mobacoin is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexchange, mobacoin is designed using a contract smart ethereum. using code specify ERC-20.

Token : MBC

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

Supply : 499,999,999 MBC

Soft Cap : 150,000,000 MBC

Hardcap : 250,000,000 MBC

Token Price : 1 MBC = 0.00025 ETH(4000 MBC / ETH)

Minimum Purchase : 0.05 ETH

ICO : April 20,2019 - July 20,2019

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Mobaex Platform

Mobacoin is part of Mobaex which is a crypto exchange platform and marketplace for buying daily necessities. With 2 features offered by Mobaex, the crypto exchange platform and marketplace, Mobaex is very reliable for users to fulfill their financial and daily needs. The following are the full features of Mobaex;

Mobaex Feature

- Spot trade - Futures - Instant exchange anomin - Decentralized exchange (No-chain) - And much more ... 

Shop features

- Sales of all types of electronic vouchers - Ticket sales (planes and hotels) 

What is Mobacoin

After you know what Mobaex is, you already know what Mobacoin is from its name. Yes, Mobacoin is a token that will be used on Mobaex. Mobacoin is an Etherem ERC20-based token with a smart-contract system. The function of Mobacoin is;

  • Digital currency

Mobacoin can be used by crypto-enthusiasts throughout the world.

  • Main fiat

Mobacoin as the main fiat on the Mobaex platform

  • Play pair

Mobacoin as one of the pairs on the Mobaex platform.

  • Purchasing products

Token that will be used on the Mobaex marketplace.

  • Exchange fees

You can use car to buy anything in our exchange.

Ethereum ERC-20

One of the most significant tokens is known as ERC-20, which has emerged as the technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation. As of April 16, 2019, more than 181,000 ERC-20-compatible tokens exist on Ethereum main network.

And Mobacoin is built using this architecture. As you know, ERC-20 commands are important, because it defines a common list of rules that all Ethereum tokens must adhere to. Using ERC-20, simplifies and eases the task of developers to develop Mobacoin.


Smart contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.

By using smart-contract, all transactions that have been processed will be stored and secured. There are no words in data manipulation or deletion. All stored data will not be manipulated or deleted, so you do not need to doubt the security of the smart contract.

Why Blockchain

Bitcoin is the first crypto to utilize the blockchain as a transaction feature with a veryhigh level of security, after that the blockchain is also utilized by the Tehereumnetwork by creating its own blockchain-based network, the utilization has been arecurring for many companies and industries to take great advantage from theblockchain advantage.

Blockchain is a safe place to save money and a place with high security features. It is very difficult to hack the blockchain, because each chain has been designed to withstand a variety of possible hacking and transparency of the structure, making the Blockchain a very reliable platform.


The aim of Mobacoin and Mobaex project is;

  • Creating a new cryptocurrency with the blockchain network as a medium ofexchange or fiat money to make it easier for crypto users to use crypto more than justbuying and selling digital assets.
  • creating a special market in addition to conducting digital asset sale and purchasetransactions, we also designed the market with many features. one of them is themarketplace as a place to supply various types of game vouchers, pulses, electricitytokens, water tokens and much more including plane tickets.

Why choose MobaExchange

  • Fee is affected, we will make sure when Mobaex is opened. no more expensive fees for trading fees. we will make a very low fee for everyone. And this is also included for initial fees
  • we will design additional withdrawal features according to the needs of the members. such as enhancers to bank withdrawals, paypal, scriis and others.
  • Safe, easy, complete and reliable.
  • KYC, useful to avoid using fake account and keep scammer away

In Conclusion

Mobacoin is a very reliable token, built by professional teams and advisors from ICOBench using the ERC-20 and the smart-contract system. This token will be used on the Mobaex platform, which makes this token very suitable as an investment for you crypto-enthusiasts and investors. But you need to do in-depth market research to avoid losses.

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*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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2019 Q1


Project Concept, Project Published

2019 Q2


Airdrop Start, ICO Start

2019 Q3


Aidrop End, Cooperation Planning, ICO end, Work for MobaEx building, MobaCoin listing program, 200M MBC burned

2019 Q4

MobaEx Platform

MobaEx Testing, MobaEx Launching program, Open vote in MobaEx, Working for E-commerce as features mobaEx, 200M MBC burned



Marketplace (E-Commerce) Building, Marketplace launching program, App Building, 100M MBC burned, Update Roadmap

Mobacoin Bounty Programs

Mobacoin (MBC) $110.000 Allocation.


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