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PIXBY is a blockchain-powered freelance marketplace where creativity is rewarded for everyone to display their ability skills. We offer a one-stop solution to people looking for freelancers to solve various types of tasks. PIXBY will operate via a combination of PIXBYTOKEN APIs and other established software tools and applications, along with the Ethereum decentralized applications(Dapp) which will execute PXB tokens, and minimize the need for intermediaries who make freelance market overpriced. In this case, also using the decentralized blockchain network as a payment infrastructure means of providing royalties and rewarding everyone supporting the system.

Token : PXB

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

Category : Utility

Hardcap : 63,375 ETH

Token Price : 0.000625 ETH

Minimum Purchase : 300 PXB

Bonus : YES

Acc Currencies : ETH, BTC, USDT

Pre-ICO : 31.08.2019 - 01.10.2019

ICO : 02.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

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Modern times like today, many people work from home to get money. They are freelancers who can freely choose jobs according to their skills with anyone. Freelancers are free to choose with whom they work, in one period or one project. The rapid development of information and global communication makes it easier for freelancers to choose jobs from anywhere, without territorial restrictions.

The development of the freelance market creates a good and very potential economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15 million people in the U.S. were self-employed in 2015 and will grow steadily until 2020. Other sources even say that 60 million Americans, to choose self-employment – freelancing. This proves that the freelance market continues to grow in the next few years.

But the freelance market still has several problems, such as; high fees, data security, third parties, etc. This makes it difficult for the freelance market to grow and reach more people. For example, freelancer.com charges up to 40% in transaction fees. This clearly does not benefit the user.

What is Pixby?

Pixby is a platform that focuses on providing blockchain-based freelance marketplaces. Through Pixby people can display their skills and abilities. What makes Pixby different from similar platforms is the blockchain. By using blockchain technology, Pixby can handle several problems in the freelance market, for example, lower service prices. By implementing blockchain technology, Pixby can reduce the price of services to be more affordable. This is because Pixby will not charge commissions for transactions from services offered by users.

Pixby utilizes blockchain technology with a combination of PIXBYTOKEN APIs, software tools and applications and Ethereum decentralized applications (Dapp). This makes Pixby able to execute PXB tokens which will later be used as payment on the platform.

Blockchain can also eliminate third parties in user transactions, which drastically reduces service prices. Not only that, with blockchain, Pixby can create a reward system that will benefit users. With this system, Pixby will reward users with PXB tokens according to their activities on the platform.

Pixby Solutions

  • Decentralized Apps(DApp)

The ideal solution for the freelance platform is to implement DApp. This allows Pixby to operate P2P transactions with the escrow and smart-contract systems – this makes transactions on the platform faster and safer.

  • Pixby Escrow

This system will secure user transactions. When requested by the user, Pixby will secure the assets in the smart-contract, so the funds are not sent directly to the freelancers. When it has been confirmed by the user, the funds will be sent directly to the freelancer.

  • Pixby Rewards

User loyalty is highly valued by Pixby. Users can get PXB tokens according to their activities, which they can use to pay freelancers.

The advantage of using Pixby

  • Hire Top Freelancers

Find and hire top freelancers easily and safely.

  • Send funds securely

P2P transactions with 0% commission that will secure user transactions.

  • Loyalty Program

The more users use Pixby, the more points will be earned.

  • Exchange to fiat easily

Instantly exchange PXB to PXBX fiat cryptocurrency tokens

  • Automated Process

No need for a third party, users can transact with freelancers safely and comfortably.

  • Store assets safely

Create a multi-currency wallet in minutes, no registration is required to start receiving PXB or paying for services offered by users.

In Conclusion

The freelance market is predicted to grow in the next few years. But the growing freelance market still leaves some problems. Pixby is a platform focused on the freelance market. Pixby provides a blockchain-based marketplace where users can display their skills and abilities. Transactions are safer and faster. And give rewards to users in return.

More Information

Yury Dziatlau

Bounty Manager

Sean Gravano

Strategic Advisor

Shadiyar Kempirbay


Ayaulym Olzhas

Marketing Executive

Jose Emmanuel N. Erestain IV

Senior Software Engineer

Goodnews Agbadu

Content Creator | Marketing



*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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Pixby Token Sales

Public Pre-Sale 1

Total PXB allocated: 15,000,000
Base Price: 0.000625ETH
Base Bonus: 25%

Public Pre-Sale 2

Total PXB allocated: 15,000,000
Base Price: 0.000625ETH
Base Bonus: 15%

Public Mainsale

Total PXB allocated: 66,000,000
Base Price: 0.000625ETH
Base Bonus: 6%

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