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Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with orx token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency. The project aims to facilitate communication, exchange and security between players. Gamers from around the world can use the orx platform and trade their new or used games, but also items, skins and accounts for orx tokens.

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Token : ORX

Platform : Ethereum (ERC-20)

Supply : 600,000,000 ORX

Category : Utility Tokens

Soft Cap : 1,020 ETH

Hardcap : 142,800 ETH

Token Price : 1 ORX = 0.1$

Acc Currencies : ETH, BTC

ICO : August 1st, 2019 UTC 00:00 – November 1st, 2019 UTC

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At this time many people play games from their devices, whether it’s mobile phones, game consoles, etc.

Data says that currently there are more than 2.3 billion players who play games and spend more than $ 140 billion on games and it is estimated that this number will increase in the coming years.

But with the large-capitalization of the global games market some problems annoy users, that is the transaction system on platform games.

Many platform games currently do not provide a feature where players can trade items related to games or their accounts safely and quickly.

The absence of this service makes users often the subject of fraud during transactions. An example is when a player trades their account with someone they have just known, but when the account is given the person runs away.

A platform is needed to overcome these problems, so players can trade their items and services safely and quickly, without worrying.

What is Orionix?

Orionix is ​​a platform that aims to connect gaming universes to the crypto world. Orionix allows people to be able to transact in a safe and fast way by utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain technology allows each data to be recorded and stored in a decentralized ledger. Smart-contract allows ORX tokens (Orionix Tokens) to be traded and sent to any wallet. So that it can be said that this technology is the core of the platform.

But why is the blockchain? The Blockchain provides technology that cannot be found on any platform. The blockchain protocol can provide a transparent and secure system – making it easier for developers to monitor data.

The plus point is that this technology is low maintenance and flexible, which means that developers can develop the blockchain protocol as they wish.

On the Orionix platform, the blockchain will be used as a monitoring protocol and with the system’s security algorithm. This machine will screen contracts that are generated by transactions between users – which minimize the possibility of fraud in transactions.

Orionix will develop a platform with more features in the future, such as allowing users to be able to trade games, skins, and items for other goods & services.

Orionix Tokens

Orionix issues an Ethereum ERC-20 based token with the name ORX. This token will be used as payment on the Orionix platform, whether the user wants to buy or sell items related to games will use this token.

This token is designed using smart-contracts based on Ethereum Blockchain, so it can be traded on an exchange or sent to any wallet.

The purpose of Orionix is ​​to connect the gaming universes into one token, namely ORX. It is hoped that through this token it will be easier for players to transact safely and comfortably on their favorite platform games.

In Conclusion

Transaction problems that often occur on game platforms cause a lot of losses, which makes users frustrated and disturbed.

They do not know where to report and what to do with the situation. So most of them choose to give up on their items or accounts.

Orionix is ​​a platform that cares about this problem. The Orionix team are professionals who have understood the situation of the gaming industry and they chose to trust blockchain technology because for now only this technology can solve this transaction problem.

Orionix hopes that players can transact safely, quickly and comfortably through a web platform designed with ease-of-use accessibility.

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