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We are pleased to present you the world’s first hardware crypto wallet & watch – CryptoWatch.

Wear your flash drive on your hand, hiding it inside a marvelous watch.

We guarantee the safety of your crypto assets.

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  • Token : XCW
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Supply : 10 000 000 XCW
  • Category : Utility and Security
  • Soft Cap : $50 000
  • Hard Cap : $1,500,000
  • Token Price : 1 xcw = 0.0002 eth - 1 xcw = 0.0008 eth
  • Acc Currencies : BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.
  • ICO : 01 June 2019 - 02 Aug 2019

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Since its first appearance, cryptocurrency has become a digital asset that is widely traded throughout the world. Experts say that the capitalization of the crypto market will increase every year, and the amount of trade will continue to increase.

However, the cryptocurrency market still has many problems, viruses and malware, keyloggers and so on, which threaten the security of the user's wallet. This security problem has caused many users to experience huge losses.

Because of this security problem, many users are starting to switch to hardware crypto wallets. By using hardware crypto wallets users can get various benefits, such as secure private keys, hardware that is immune to viruses, encrypted hardware, hardware wallets can host multiple cryptocurrencies and others.

This is what makes many traders and cryptocurrency investors start using crypto wallets hardware.

What is the CryptoWatch?

Many hardware crypto wallets are physically shaped that cannot be carried anywhere and the design is not attractive. Most hardware crypto wallets have a USB form, but who will carry USB anywhere? but theCryptoWatch is an exception.

theCryptoWatch is like ordinary crypto wallets hardware that can secure users' digital assets, but theCryptoWatch is more than that – theCryptoWatch is different. theCryptoWatch is the world’s first hardware crypto wallet & watch that will guarantee digital asset security.

TheCryptoWatch security

theCryptoWatch is equipped with security features such as, Secure Element: a chip that can store sensitive data and secure applications, Authentication: a strong authentication mechanism that will ensure that you are the true identity, Digital signature: a digital signature that will guarantee the security of the application, etc.

This security element will ensure that the internal software and external hardware remain safe and secure,

The CryptoWatch Operating System

The CryptoWatch operating system is specifically designed by professionals who can support 85 coins + any ERC-20 tokens.

This operating system can protect devices from malicious attacks, isolate applications, and immune from viruses. Every application that is run on the CryptoWatch will be developed by third-party developers and will be secured one by one and separated from each other.

The CryptoWatch specification

theCryptoWatch has the following specifications; – Modes: analog (hands), digital (digits). – Case: Steel – Strap: Genuine Leather – Screen: LCD touch screen, 37 mm – Protection: 25 m immersion, sapphire crystal – Additional options: physical activity, pulse measurement, distance/steps distance / steps / time traveled, pulse measurement, sleep, ECG – Battery life: Li-Ion battery, up to 72 hours of battery life.

The plan is that in the future theCryptoWatch will be launched in a different design with different materials, which will suit the user's fashion. And it will be produced by reliable Chinese manufacturers.

TheCryptoWatch Token

theCryptoWatch will issue a token with the name XCW. This token is a utility and security token, in which if an investor invests his funds in this token, he will get various benefits, receive dividends from the watch sales, can exchange his tokens to get the CryptoWatch device (Product price: 400 XCW), etc.

It is planned that this token will be sold on STO from 01.08.2019 to 01.09.2019.

In Conclusion

The security of digital assets is something that users should not ignore. Because many of the cases of loss of digital assets are due to the ignorance of users with the security of their digital wallet.

It's now switched to the CryptoWatch – hardware crypto wallet & watch, which will guarantee the security of digital assets.

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*We recommends that you conduct your own independent analysis or contact professional advisers when making investment decisions.

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theCryptoWatch Token Sales


1 xcw = 0.0002 eth 1 000 000 xcw

1 XCW ≈ 0.05 $ ≈ 50 000$ soft cup The approximate crypto watch price: – 25$


1 xcw = 0.0004 eth 2 000 000 xcw

1 XCW ≈ 0.1 $ The approximate crypto watch price: – 50$


1 xcw = 0.0008 eth 5 000 000 xcw

1 XCW ≈ 0.2 $ The approximate crypto watch price: – 80$

All unsold tokens will be burned. !Team tokens will also be burned so that there will remain 20% of all existing tokens.

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01.06.2019 – 02.08.2019



02.07.2019 – 02.08.2019

Watch Case Production


02.07.2019 – 02.09.2019

CWOS Development


02.07.2019 – 02.09.2019

Application Development


25.09.2019 – 10.10.2019

Watch Delivery to Customers


02.10.2019 – 10.10.2019

Exit to the exchange


02.07.2019 – 02.02.2020

DEX development

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